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Studio Library Donations

Busy organizing your home for the New Year? Trying to clear out things that aren't used? I am a piano and flute teacher in the neighborhood and am always seeking donations to share with my students! Sheet music, gently used instruments, music stands, microphones, recording equipment, music history books, CDs, DVDs, cassette or CD players, iPads, etc.

Music Award Incentives for 2016-17

Music History Project *Optional*
In addition to their regular studies, this year students will have the opportunity to focus on a particular era of music, learning about important composers, compositions, and instruments of that period.

Students choosing to participate will be assigned music from the Romantic period and complete a related project. The Romantic period was from 1820-1900, and included great composers such as Chopin, Schumann, Mendelssohn, Brahms and Tchaikovsky. 
Goal: To gain deeper appreciation and knowledge for the Romantic period.
Award: Bust of a Classical era composer, given at spring recital
Challenge End Date: February 16, 2017
Requirement for Award: Complete at least one Romantic era or style piece, and complete one "hands on" project of student's choice related to the Romantic era. Project should be age appropriate for the student.

Why am I asking them to create something related to the Romantic period? It is my experience that students who think, plan and then execute creating a visual project retain so much more about the subject! A sample of fun project ideas includes the following suggestions: 
•Read a book about a Romantic era composer, and write a brief book report
•Attend a concert featuring Romantic music, and write a brief concert review
•Create a model of a Romantic instrument using clay, legos, popsicle sticks, paper mache, etc.
•Create a "concert promotion poster" for a Classical concert
•Create a model (diorama) about a composer, period instruments, etc.
•Make a poster about a composer, musical styles, period instruments, etc.
•Create a timeline of the Classical period
•Learn and make a video of a popular Classical dance (minuet, etc.)
•Burn a CD of student playing their Classical pieces
•Create a card game, board game, or trivia game about Baroque composers, pieces, instruments, etc.
•Your idea! - anything creative. Projects do not have to be music related. In the past, students have incorporated projects related to architecture, art, and important historical events of that period.

Studio Slideshow

Occasionally at our lessons we make an audio or video recording, or I'll take a photo while a student is playing. These were so great I decided to capture everyone, collect and share them all with you! It offers a little glimpse into our lessons...I think the students will enjoy seeing themselves and some of their "music friends" too! These begin with last summer's camps, and continue thru the first weeks of May. I am excited to share announcements about this video slideshow featuring these awesome kids! Enjoy! Click here for link to youtube to view slideshow!

Music Award Incentives

As a student, I personally was very motivated by the opportunity to earn awards and public recognition for my accomplishments, and I know that several of my students share this motivation in their own studies. I seek out fun and challenging opportunities for K-12 private lesson students to earn awards within the studio. Here is one of our past announcements for a studio challenge:
"Studio Stars Challenge
Between October and late April there are 25 weeks of private lessons. During that time period, students who have had an "outstanding lesson" (which means they have met practice goals and have their assignments prepared as instructed) for at least 80% of their lessons (20 out of the 25 weeks) will be eligible for a special, fun prize! I set the goal at a minimum of 80% to allow a "cushion" for those weeks we all have when students are kept from practicing as much as they would like due to school obligations or homework, sickness, or out of town trips. We will begin tracking this challenge award with next week's lesson."

What is the current studio challenge? Ask your student to tell you all about it!

Helpful Announcements

Keeping in Touch
Please make sure you have my email address saved as a "safe sender." I typically send out communications to all my students as a mass email, but lately am finding out that not all of my emails reach their intended recipients. This one is being individually sent to each family to make sure that you are receiving this information and can add me as "safe" for future emails.
Are you on facebook? If you haven't already, you can like the "Lisa Emmick Music Studio" page. There are several free concerts coming all the time! I'll be posting details about each (in addition to other info!) on the facebook page as they come up. 
Practice Tips
The link between the home and music study success is very interesting! You might enjoy reading this article about motivating your young musician:

New Principal Flutist for Dallas Symphony

As of summer 2013, the DSO has a new flutist, Damarre McGill. He's fantastic! Plan to attend a performance soon. Here is a recent photo of him with Mrs. Wooldridge.

Former Student Honors

So happy for David Robson, a former piano student who I was so lucky to get to teach! David won honors for his first film score! He was the composer for "Drawn," a 48 hr. Film submission which was Winner BEST SOUND DESIGN, and BEST SPECIAL EFFECTS.

Watch it here

TMTA Convention

Mrs. Emmick and Mrs. Wooldridge attend the TMTA Convention most years. What a thrill to be with so many other teachers to share ideas, learn and make music!

MTNA Achievement Awards

Music students from the Studio of Lisa Emmick participated in the Music Teachers National Association Music Achievement Award Program in 2010, a term-long program sponsored by MTNA. The program was designed to help encourage the students in the teacher’s studio to continue their music study and to strive to achieve goals that will help them not only become better musicians but that will enhance their love for and appreciation of music. 

The goals included such achievements as mastering technical skills, researching composers and performing for others. Mrs. Emmick established individual goals for student participants at the beginning of the music term and 31 students successfully completed their goals. 

The students were recognized for their accomplishments by being awarded the official Music Teachers National Association Achievement Award pin at their spring recital. Unfortunately MTNA no longer offers this program, but goals are still set for each student with the opportunity to earn studio recognition and awards for accomplishments.

Group Studio Classes

It is always fun to get students together and can be very beneficial. In groups students can practice their performance skills, drill on theory in a fun way, play together in ensembles, and enjoy time spent with others who love music. As an example of a group lesson, one summer students had the opportunity to participate in a end of summer celebration. 100% of the students had made their summer practice goals, which was a lot to celebrate! Here is a recap:

The students…
·       Played some games (hangman with musical terms and musical bingo)
·       Reviewed our recital manners
·       Took turns playing for each other – everyone did great!!
·       Enjoyed special practice treats for all the work they did over the summer!
In addition…
·       I did a presentation about Mozart and played the Turkish March, and then we “acted out” the dynamics in the piece
·       I presented riffs that showed off what really cool stuff could be done with scales
·       One of my adult students who studied composition with me attended and we introduced one of his compositions to the students and talked briefly about how he developed the piece.

Emmick Music Studio provides piano and flute lessons in Dallas, Texas.

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