What students and their parents are saying about Lisa Emmick!

We'd love to share with you some of the wonderful things our student families have said about us!

From Parents:

My kids have been taking piano from her for several years and continue to look forward to their lessons each week (which says something!). She keeps it fun and is very kind and nurturing. 

My goal for their piano education is that they learn the instrument at their own pace and are challenged when necessary, but not pushed so hard that it begins to feel like "work." She is a perfect fit for my kids.

She is beyond patient, nurturing, and so incredibly gifted :) 

I love to hear *** play, we thank you for all that she is capable of doing.  You're a great teacher and leader to her.  We really appreciate all that you do for her. Best thing of all... she loves it!  THANKS! Loving it is the best thing of all.

I cannot express how wonderful the recital was for us.  We enjoyed every note by every student.  It is obvious they all adore you and thrive under your teaching and guidance.  Thank you so much for taking *** into your flock.  This has been a wonderful blooming year for her.  We look forward to many, many more recitals with you.

Thank you for another wonderful recital!!  You do such an awesome job arranging the event, preparing your students, and providing a relaxed atmosphere.  It makes it more personal.  It is also wonderful to listen to other students we know.   I also want to thank you for the interest you show in *** as a person and in all that he does. You are the reason he plays piano so well, and really enjoys it!!!

We think YOU did an amazing job.  You are so organized and efficient, your professionalism is inspiring.  Thanks for all you do, and making my kids love and appreciate music!

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