Lesson Schedule

Options for Rescheduling a Missed Lesson

Sooner or later, every student needs to miss a lesson because of illness, emergencies or other conflicts. Because of a very full studio, availability for rescheduling afternoon or evening lessons during the school year only occurs when another student is absent, leaving an open lesson time in the schedule.

  • Lesson times that are available in a week are posted on this page. 
  • If the student would like to schedule one of these spots, please send an email request.
  • The lesson is not rescheduled until the student receives an email reply confirming the lesson. Any lessons not rescheduled by the end of May will not carry over.

NOTEIf a lesson is missed and notice of absence is not given prior to the lesson, it will be considered forfeited and cannot be rescheduled. Except in cases of sudden illness or family emergency, please cancel lessons at least 24 hours in advance for rescheduling consideration.

Upcoming Lesson Times Available to Request:

Lessons available with Mrs. Emmick:

May 24 - August 22: Summer Schedule In Effect

Lessons available with Mrs. Wooldridge:

There are no other known spots that are available at this time. Whenever notice is received that a student will be absent, their open lesson time will be posted here. Please keep checking back for opportunities! Thank you!

Video Lesson Option

Correction/comment on your previous assignment and a new assignment will be prepared for you for the upcoming week. Video viewing and response will be done during your normal lesson time and then emailed to you in written form or through a YouTube link.

  • Requests that student will need a video lesson should be made by noon if possible so that preparations can be made for their lesson time.
  • Student records a video of their last assignment and sends it (if long, consider sending as a youtube link.) The video lesson will include review, comment and correction of their last assignment as well as a new assignment.
  • For best progress, making use of Video Lessons should be limited – nothing replaces the “in person contact” for the lesson

"No Lesson" Option

If you need to miss and prefer to skip the lesson altogether, just keep practicing your current assignment and we’ll move forward at the next lesson. In those cases, please still notify the teacher that you will be absent so we won’t worry and can make that time available to others for rescheduling.