Schedule a Summer Lesson!

Lessons that occur during the summer are by appointment. Lesson times that are available in a week are posted on this page. 

If the student would like to schedule a summer lesson, please send an email request. The lesson is not scheduled until the student receives an email reply confirming the lesson.

Need a lesson time but nothing is available? Make a request to be notified of any cancellations or offerings on your preferred day/time frame.

Please provide 24 hours notice when cancelling a lesson. If a student schedules a lesson but is a "no show" they will be billed for the lesson. Thank you!

Summer Lesson Options

1) Private Lessons
2) Small Group or Private "Ramp Up" Sessions

Private Lessons

Private Lessons are available on the following days. This listing changes frequently. Additional days may be added, and sometimes an already reserved lesson spot will become available, so if these options don't work with your schedule and you'd like a lesson, please let Mrs. Emmick know and we'll work something out for you! 

Summer 2019: Please contact Mrs. Emmick to schedule

Private or Small Groups

"Ramp Up and Review!" Small Groups available:
These small group (or individual if only one signs up/preferred) lessons are called "Ramp Up Sessions" but they are for any student - it doesn't matter if they have been here for a few lessons during the summer or taken the summer off.  These will follow the "camp" formats that have been a student favorite in the past, and are offered in bigger chunks of time to allow for a setting where we can really drill on theory and "ramp up" before we start back for the school year lessons. These will be offered at an even exchange for private lessons (one hour of "ramp up" session = two 30 minute (1 hour) private lessons.)

Summer Music for Non-Studio Families

Want to learn about music but only have the summer available?

Want to "try out" lessons during the summer months without the school year commitment?

Please contact Mrs. Emmick for details about these opportunities offered in July/August. Available as camps and privately.

  • Introduction to Music
  • Introduction to Piano
  • Music Theory Intensive
  • Beginner Band Prep
  • Beginner Guitar
  • Preschool Piano